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  1. Tein Basis for the TSX (CL9)

    So I finally got the chance to finally install my Tein Basis coilovers last friday. Removal of the old coilovers, the transfer of the top mounts from the old coilovers to the Teins, and the installation of the Teins took my brother and I around 4 and a half hours. Not bad for doing this for the first time, right? 

    I’ve been constantly adjusting my ride heigh throughout the week to see how low I want to be. The rear is slammed all the way, so I believe the drop is about 2.4 inches in the rear and probably 2 inches in the front. I’m not exactly sure >.>. But yeah, now I scrape every time I drive off my driveway. Oh, and the last time I adjusted the coilovers, I couldn’t get the jack out from underneath the car. The jack I had was too big… and it’s a pretty small jack (a little bigger and more heavy duty than the one that comes with the car). So, I had to get pieces of wood that I found lying around my house :D.

    Along with other coilovers (with non-adjustable dampers), the lower you are in the Tein Basis, the stiffer they get. Since my rears are all the way down, they are pretty stiff (well significantly stiffer than stock), not to the point where I’m bouncing all over the place, but just to the point where I can feel every single bump and imperfection in the road. Even on some of the new roads. I kinda like it. The front, since there’s not as big of a drop, obviously isn’t as stiff, but I can feel a slight difference. 

    But yeah, I like my Tein Basis. Handling is improved, but it’s not a crazy improvement. Or at least I haven’t noticed a significant improvement since my tires have like no grip at all. I’m gonna save up for Pirelli’s, BF Goodrich’s, or Michelin’s. 

    Anyways, I’ll have pictures up as soon as I have time to wash my car for pictures. And for the pictures, I will use my new Nikon D5100! :D

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